Updates: (01.18.2019):

And ten more years have passed. No updates on the website, but I have had to make a domain/web host change. Hopefully everything transferred okay. If you find anything broken, please contact me at kiyokoinyotef [at] gmail.com with info on what is broken. The only thing I KNOW will eventuallb be broken is the Fanart Gallery. I am not transferring the gallery system to this account, and will eventually put up a more manual gallery. I hope to have this done very soon as once April comes around my Moonliteshadow.net account will cease to function.

Updates: (04.03.09):

Wow. Three years have passed since the last update. Unfortunatly, this update was mainly me fixing the website to be viewable again. Apparently I forgot to close a tag which made the site unreadable. My fanfic box is filled with cobwebs. I haven't recieved any submissions since my last update. I assume it's probably because a lot of the YnM fans out there have moved on to writing other things. Speaking of - I highly suggest the anime Kuroshitsuji. It reminds me a lot of YnM so it might be a series YnM fans will cling to as well. :D I will keep my eye on the fanfic inbox, and if I get anything new I'll gladly post it!

Updates: (07.19.06):

The new gallery is up and viewable. I also went through the links page, deleted all links that came up as 404 Not Found, added some new ones, and will be adding more new ones when I'm more awake. XD

Updates: (07.18.06):

We're far from dead. And as you can see.. there's a new layout! XD I'll be tweaking it a bit over the next few days. I will also be adjusting a lot of things. Some new changes: A less messy fanart/image gallery, listing of fics by author and by title, and lots of other things. I don't have much in the way of fics and fanart to upload, but once the layout it 100% done, I'll be uploading what I have. So send more fics and art in!

Updates: (01.24.06):

Happy New Year! No new updates. Just letting people know we're alive, and just haven't updated since we haven't had any new submissions. According to my inbox it looks like this is turning into a "Buy Cialis!" fanfic archive. O_o; Will Cialis fall in love with OEM Software, or will it return to the side of it's loyal partner Viagra? Find out in the next exciting chapter! XD

Updates: (11.16.05):

Just the tiniest of changes. We have a new guestbook. The old one was being hopelessly slaughtered by spammers, so hopefully the new book will remedy this problem.

Updates: (10.06.05):

Yay! An update! We have a new author, Mikata, bringing in three new fanfics for your reading pleasure! ^_^ We also have chapters 14 and 15 to "Bed of Roses" by Namide to Ame up! Keep them fics coming!

Updates: (08.24.05):

Sorry for lack of updates, but it seems the entire world is conspiring against me. First my motherboard on my less then 4 month old computer dies a slow painful death and it takes about two weeks to get repaired. Then about a week later my cable internet connection goes kaput for about another week and I had only 10 hours of AOL dialup to last that amount of time. I will be working on an actual update soon. And for the record, I will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta at the end of September. Anime Next was great and I'll post a link to the con report for that as soon as I get it posted!

Updates: (06.09.05):

Tiny update. Due to popular demand, all fics are now black text on white, instead of grey text on white. ^_^ Just a note that I will be attending the anime convention Anime Next 2005 from June 17th to June 20th. If anyone else is going, I will be cosplaying as Edward Elric (FMA) on Friday and Sunday, and as our own beloved Kazutaka Muraki on Saturday (My friend Jess will be cosplaying as Oriya ^_^ )

Updates: (05.23.05):

Just a minor update. Fixed chapters 1-8 of Bed of Roses because they didn't code properly.

Updates: (05.21.05):

I just saw today. We hit 10,000 hits. Wahoo!

Updates: (05.19.05):

Well, going to the 12:01am showing of Star Wars Ep. 3 was... interesting. But while I'm here recovering, here's an update! Two new authors! Bridgh brings in one new fanfiction and Clueless Psycho with three new fics. :3 Also, added chapters 9 through 13 of Namida's "Bed of Roses"

Attention Authors!
If you have a personal website you'd like to have linked from your authors page (Comes in handy if you write more then MuxTsu & YnM fics), send it to me in an e-mail at amethystroses@moonliteshadow.net

Updates: (05.05.05) 15 mintues later:

Ok, I got bored. New piece of fanart, got a larger scan for the Haitoku no Shizuku doujinshi cover, and added chapters 4-8 of Namida to Ame's Bed of Roses. Though I really shouldn't be uploading yaoi fanfic at work.. but.. Ah well! ^__^;;; Enjoy!

Updates: (05.05.05)

Sorry for the lack of updates. :3 I had some computer issues lately and got a brand new 160GB high speed Dell with a DVD-R/CD-R combo drive! *huggles* I named it Paul. Anyway! With getting the computer set up and working on my cosplay costume for an upcoming convention, I've been rather busy. I will get the new and updated fics this weekend since I'll finally have some free time. Until then, check out the other Yami site I've been fixing up, my image gallery Tamaokuri
Also, anyone else out there attending Anime Next in June? :3

Updates: (03.30.05)

Manga News: For those of us fans who are buying the YnM translated manga being released by Viz, it has suffered it's first visual censorship of a yaoi scene in Volume 4. While the book has been plagued with translation and name problems, this is the first time a scene has actually been changed. The scene involves two minor characters from an all boys religious school and the link below shows comparisons with the original Japanese version and the censored Viz version, which removes the one character entirely and has him talking off-panel.

Volume 4 Edit

And in site news, I am currently working on formatting a few new and revised chapters to some fics, as well as a new fanart, and should have them up shortly! ^_^

Updates: (03.05.05)

No actual updates. Just dropping a note to remind everyone to start submitting so I have something to post. O_o

Updates: (01.01.05)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^_____^ To celebrate a new year and a new beginning, here's a brand spanking new layout! I hope everyone enjoys it! If there's any problems with it, or a page hasn't been changed to the new layout, please let me know! Actual fic pages aren't changed yet since there are so many, but they will eventually get a new layout as well. Also with this new layout, the old "Gallery" is split into two parts. Fanart - which is of course where all the Fan Art will go. And Gallery - which is where official images and scans as well as doujinshi images will be stored. And a new section is added called "Submit". On it is all the information on how to submit fanfics and fanart, in one easy place! ^___^ Have a safe and happy New Year!

Updates: (12.19.04)

Two new fics added. Added part one of "Snow White and the Seven Shikigami" by Keily Shinra, and part 5 of "Seduced by Moonlight" by Ariss Tenoh (As well as fixed the links of the rest of that series). Also, at long last, chapters 4 through 12 of Lyrebird's "Blossoms and Blood" have been added! Updates: (12.14.04)

Nothing really physically updated, but a rather informative note of interest. According to Anime News Network, Central Park Media has teamed up with the International Channel to televise several of their titles.. Descendants of Darkness (English version) included among the chosen shows to televise. So if you're one of the lucky people out there who get the International Channel (I wish I did..) Rejoice!

Updates: (12.14.04)

Whee, more new stuff! ^__^ 2 new authors - Sleeps with Coyote's comes with one fic, and Tal & Thorn are new with a 6 chapter fanfic! Also, we have the newest chapter of Ariss Tenoh's "Christmas Dolls" series as well as a new fanfic series "Seduced by Moonlight"

Updates: (12.12.04)

O__o Christmas shopping is nuts. Just a tiny change today. Changed the counter in the index. Yes, it's FMA, but it's only till I can make or find a good Muraki x Tsuzuki one. ^_^

Updates: (12.11.04)

Yay, some new stuff! Added two new authors with a total of four new fics. Will be continually adding more over the next week or so. Also added two new fan art images, and a new doujinshi image! ^_^ Also added a new guestbook.

Updates: (12.10.04)

I'm in the holiday spirit today. :3 So slight layout tweak. Photoshop is fun!

Updates: (12.09.04)

Hello Everyone! My name is Kiyoko, and I am the new webmistress for Amethyst Roses.

Almost everything from the old site is operational. The only things that aren't working right now are a few doujinshi images. All fanfics and all fan-art and gallery should be up and operational. If you encounter any broken links in the fanfic of fanart section, please e-mail me to let me know. :3

And for those unaware, the original host (www.static-crush.net) was sadly shut down by it's service provider without notice.

Another tweak I've made is all the fanfics that were on black backgrounds with grey text are now on white backgrounds with grey/black text. I've always had a very hard time reading the fics on the dark backgrounds, and I know a few of my friends did too.

Over the next week or so, I'll be changing some minor things about the site.. mainly switching e-mails to mine, getting a new counter, adding new information, doujinshi images and scans.

Once all the little tweaks are done, I'll post new fanfiction, put up new submission information and work on a new layout for the website to celebrate!


Updates: (03.09.03)

Aah, that was a while. ^_^ Thanks to all you people who pointed out what was messed up on the site, I think I fixed most of it now. -_-;; I forgot to upload a lot of stuff... gomen nasai!
-E.Liddell's fic "Two People on Opposite Sides of the River" is up
-fixed chapters 2 and 3 of Trowacko's "The Price of Failure"
-New fanarts by Anabella up
And, if ye'r wondering, my birthday was loads of fun ^^ Maybe ye saw me at the Katsucon?


February is finally here! Only two more weeks until my birthday! And as a present to all of you for being so patient with me, I've updated!
-parts 2 and 3 of trowacko's "The Price of Failure"
-parts 1 and 2 of "Porcelain Doll" by Rainbow Dryad
-Fanart by Literary Eagle and Anabella
-New Link


First day of December. ... ACK! TWO MONTHS? I'm sorry, I'm sorry! *bows* And I swear, I will have a new layout up soon. I have it all planned out, and I know which image, and everything.
We do have a brand spanking new URL, http://www.static-crush.net/ynm. I know, it wasn't so long ago since we last moved from geocities... *sniffs* Those were the days.
New stuff:
-New fic listing system
-New art by Anabella
-New DJ scans
-"Price of Failure" and "Doll" by Trowacko
-"Lunatique" by Ariss Tenoh.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I've been in a lazy mood ever since school has started up again.
New Stuff:
-"Major Arcana" by Incandescens
-"Tears for Me" and "Cake Commitment" by Literary Eagle
-Two new fanarts by Anabella
If anybody has the itch to create a layout for this site, please feel free to do so. ^_^

Updates: (8.9.02)

Sheesh, it's been forever! I'm starting to want a new, lighter layout (no offense to Jenny, because I love this layout she made me and it's so much more skilled than mine could ever be). *sighs*
In any case, school has started up, so I'm guessing I'll be getting less fics and less art and stuff, and I'm busy and lazy and such and... well... That fic page needs some doing.
New stuff:
- "Mid-Life Crisis?" by Akira
- "Nor Are We Out Of It" parts 10 + epilogue by Incandescens
Hey, if all goes well and good, Em will have some scans for me... soon. But let's not trust her on that ^_^;;

Updates: (7.8.02)

Two new fanarts up by Anabella

, and I've linked Mirialdo's site. ^_^
Oh, click here
. *glares at fics page* Somebody help?

Updates: (30.7.02)

Yay. I actually updated. And I think we need a new system for the fics, because dangit, it's getting hard to find anything. I suppose seperate author pages could work... That seems like the most convenient right now.
-Part 9 of "Nor Are We Out Of It" is up.
-"That Poker Game" by newcomer Jen. (if you want a different pen name, tell me!)

Updates: (22.06.02)

Oof. I've been so lazy. >_< And why does nobody tell me when there are mistakes on the site! *sigh* -Parts 7 and 8 of "Nor Are We Out Of It" are up.
-Teno Hikari's "first word" is up.
-New link to a Russian dj site
Oh, and there definately won't be anymore updates until July, as I'll be in Japan from June 27th til July 27th. :)

Updates: (1.06.02)

Wow, it's been sooooo long since I did anything! I'm sorry. ;_; But here's the news:
- NEW LAYOUT! YAY! Thanks to Jenny for making it ^_^
- As of now, all fics open in a new window. (if a fic doesn't, TELL ME)
- New fic: "Temptation" by Polyhymnia (tell me if this is wrong!!)
- New fic: "Holding On" by Eike. Yeah, me.
- Part 13 of Teno Hikari's "Devill's Trill"
- Part 7 of Incadescens' "Nor are we out of it."
Saah... that's it, methinks. ^_^;;
Oh, Guestbook entries are still appreciated!

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