I am glad to be able to offer players a chance to use old linearts and images I don't use anymore for free for their own horses! Jut make sure to read the rules below.

1. My Credit must remain on the image! I try to make it as small as I can while still be readable, and in an out-of-the way location. It is there so people know who made it, and so they can get back to this site to get more!

2. While these were created for Equus Nation, you can use them on other games and RP forums as well! However, you will need to download and re-upload them to your own image hosting services if you use them on websites outside of EN because of my hotlink protection.

3. If you can, please download the image to your computer and re-upload it to an image hosting service. This helps to save on my bandwidth and allow me to host even more horses. Click on "Image Resources" in the upper right for a list of free image hosts!

4. You are allowed to download the image and add text to it if you want. My credit must remain on the image, and you will need to upload it your own image host service.