Welcome to Tieria's Emporium. This is your one-stop shop for everything you need for Equus Nation! Walkthroughs, tips, layouts, horse images, naming help, resources and much more!

If you find any broken links, images or anything not properly working right, toss me a message!

If you wish to contact me in-game, my main account is #94!

Newest Updates

03.19.18 New breeds have been added to EN! The new crossbreeds were added to my Easy Crossbreed List, and all the new breeds were added to their respectful breed resources pages!

02.12.18 A bigger ton of free images were added!! How many this time? 1,923!!!!! WOW! I am about halfway done with filling out all colors for each of my linearts! Gonna take a little break from working on them now that I am at the halfway point! Note however I did split up Friesian & Friesian Crosses, and Arabian & Crosses into seperate pages. They are now Purebred Friesians, Friesian Crosses, Friesian Cross Paints, Friesian Cross Blankets & Leopard, Purebred Arabian, Arabian Crosses, Pintabian and Araloosa. Also Knabstrupper and Highmountain Pony got their own breed pages. I don't have graphical headers made up for them yet, but they should be up soon. For now they're just text links.

01.18.19 Had to move web hosts and web domains. I have kept all file directories and names the same, so in any URL's you use you only need to change "moonliteshadow" to "duskreaper" before the .net part of the URL. If you find any broken images or links PLEASE let me know in-game!

02.07.18 A ton of new free horse images have been added! 693 to be exact! And a lot more to come, I am looking to fill in missing color gaps for all linearts!

02.06.18 A new Generator has been added in the Themed Generator section! Ancient Egyptian Generator created by portions of names of real Ancient Egyptian pharoahs, queens, deities, and other famous people to create Egyptian sounding names!

01.26.18 Jousting has been posted! 48 images of yelling people and running horses and playing with big sticks are now available in the Stock Images section!

01.25.18 New Year, New Emporium! The layout has changed! Yes, it may not look as clean or as professional as the last layout, but one of the main reasons I didn't update as often as I wanted before was because to make one small change on the old layout I had to make the change on about 120 other pages and it was time consuming and frustrating. With this layout I can make changes without having to change so many other pages! So hopefully updates will be more often.

Aside from the new layout, there is one big new change to the site. On the Free Graphics pages, to save on load times and bandwidth, the horse images are now split into multiple pages. Each page now has 30 images each, with Next and Back buttons at the bottom of each page to help you navigate. As always, if you find any broken links, broken images, and typos let me know!

I have updated the Walkthrough! Well, most of it. There are some tweaks to some pages, but the walkthroughs for Basic Horse Information and Entering Competitions & Leveling Up were changed the most to reflect the new Tabbed horse pages, and the Green/Red/Yellow/Orange competition changes.

I have added a ton of new photo backgrounds! Included are the following:
Forest - 19 New
Flames - 10 New
Clouds - 8 New
Fireworks - 5 New
Beach - 6 New
Spooky/Dark - 12 New
Ruins/Buildings - 11 New
Forest Path - 12 New
Misc BG's - 15 New
Thats all for today! I have sorted my new horse stock so those will be coming tomorrow!

Coming Soon for 2018!
- Many more free graphics. I have like, 3000-ish sitting around. I may decide to do one lineart type a week to keep my sanity in check.

About Equus Nation

Equus Nation (EN) is a small but tight-knit horse breeding and training simulation game created and maintained by Pixel PHP LLC. It is more challenging then other horse sim games, harkening back to the days of the now extinct Ludus Equinus. Equus Nation was formerly known as DUHS (Down Under Horse Stables) before a complete site revamp. As of right now there are no real images for horses on Equus Nation, save for 3 or 4 generic rotating stock images. I have made this site to help players not only get images for their horses, but also the tools to teach them how to make their own! You can get to EN by clicking on the Equus Nation link on the lower right of this page!