Here are useful links for things I can't provide, or to give you more options on! There is also very useful information on the Breed Resources, which list all the breeds in the game and include information like heights, colors and more!

Click above for information on all breeds available in EN! Information includes breed colors, heights and more!


Finding Images

Flickr Creative Commons
When you search, scroll down until you see the Creative Commons icon near the bottom above the blue search button. Check "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" and then check the "Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon" box underneath that. Then search for whatever you are looking for. This will bring up a search for images you can legally use for manipulations without having to ask each photographer or check for their individual rules.

DeviantArt Stock
(Note: DA allows some nudity and some may appear on the base link above). Remember to read each user's stock rules and follow them before using their work. Some photographers don't want their horse images used by horse games or on websites outside of DeviantArt. So please abide by their wishes.

A large collection of free images for use, though it's a little harder to navigate then other sites.

Free Image Hosting


A free simple image hosting site. You can upload pictures without an account, but cannot store them in galleries without one. I'd also worry about losing my uploaded images without an account. Accounts are free so there's no reason not to get one!

I have never used this site but it is the first that comes up. If you use it, let me know how it is!

Aside from my own generators, here are some good name generators I reccomend as well!

Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
This is one of my favorite naming sites. It alone has 24 different name style generators to choose from! My personal favorite name generators here are "Greek Namers" "Angel/Demon Name Generator" and "Magical Legend Pony Generator". The site also has a lot more generators then just names, they're a good resource for any writer!

Fantasy Name Generators
So many naaames... They must have over 200 catagories, and not just names for people/animals, but names for locations, items and more! They have names based on Warcraft, on Warrior Cats, Harry Potter names. You name it, they have a generator for it!

This site has 4 styles of name generators, split up by gender. Fantasy Names, French Names, Japanese Names, and Medieval Names. There is also a Fantasy Novel Title generator which has some good potential horse names as well.

Ultimate Name Generator
If you have some time, check this one out! This can generate names from a multitude of different languages, regions, fantasy, literature, fun themed, and more!

Find out how to do things!

HTML Cheat Sheet
A quick rundown on some basic HTML codes.

Deviantart's Tutorials
A massive database for artistic tutorials for different art programs. Just search for any type of tutorial you are looking for, and they probably have it!

If I have any resources that don't fit the catagories above, I'll put them here!

GIMP is a completely free art & photo image and manipulation program. It works very similiar to Photoshop and is a good alternative if you can't afford Photoshop.

My favorite art program and program of choice, as all my art is done here. However, it is not free software. Thankfully they do have an affordable subscription fee available instead of having to pay a massive amount to buy it in full.