Hello! If you are reading this, you are either brand new to the game and wondering how to play, or are a veteran who is prodding about in curiousity. This walkthrough will help guide new players into learning the basics of Equus Nation. Don't forget to also check out the Tips & Tricks Section, and feel free to message me at #94 (or any other moderator) if you have any questions regarding the game! If you have any suggestions for tips and walkthroughs, send me a message!

Buying Your First Horse

Basic Horse Information

Preparing for Competitions

Entering Competitions & Leveling Up

Breeding Your Horses

Clubs & Classes

Simple Crossbreed List

1. If you have a horse that you can Level Up, make sure you assign them a discipline such as English Pleasure or Reigning first! A horse that has a discipline (Any of them!) earns double the level-up stats as a horse without a discipline! 2. Bonus points makes a difference! Once you have played long enough to accrue a good amount of player points, use them to toss onto some of your horses. Even as few as 1 or 2 bonus points can help your horse along!

3. For non-store horses, it's a good idea to put your horse's lineage in the Horse Description box. This will allow you to easily see the bloodlines when you're breeding your horses. However there is only so much space, so you may still have to look through lines on deep-bloodlined horses!

4. There are several things in the game that can decrease the breeding and selling value of your horse, even if it has a good number of stats. Those include inbreeding/linebreeding, and a high number of foals.

5. Inbreeding/Linebreeding is when the same horse appears in the pedigree more then once. While it's a commonplace practice in real life, it's not very popular on games where you can get "fresh" bloodlines from a store. Inbreeding is when the same horse appears more then once within the first 4 or 5 generations. Linebreeding is when the same horse appears many generations back and very far apart from each other. Most players do not like Inbreeding at all, but a few breeders will accept Linebred horses to help preserve ancient bloodlines.

6. Less is more! The more foals your horse has, the less value it has to other players because the bloodlines flood the market. Most players limit their horses to having a maximum of 5 to 7 foals.

7. Give your horses awesome names! It helps to easily identify your horse in bloodlines then if it was without a name, just a number or discipline, or "Newborn Foal". Also try to stay away from insanely common basic names like "Spirit", "Lightining", "Misty", "Seabiscuit" etc. If you're stuck for a name idea, click on Generators above to help you find one!